Monday, June 30, 2014

Merekyea wo! means Hello!

We have arrived in beautiful Cape Coast, Ghana.  The flight was long but uneventful.  When we arrived at the airport in Accra, we were met by President and Sister Shulz and our Area President, Elder Curtis.  We came on a nice day and the heat / humidity was not as overpowering as I was expecting, so that was nice.  

We quickly discovered that we were not in Lake Oswego anymore.  We saw cattle crossing the main highway seemingly unattended and more little goats than I have ever seen in my life.  We understand the traffic was light because there is a temporary gas shortage, but even so, it was pretty exciting.  

The mission home is very comfortable.  We will settle in nicely.

On Sunday, we went to the Abakrampa Branch.  They hold their meetings in the Fante language.  They asked the Shulz' and us to speak (in English).  It was very enjoyable, but I was surprised to learn that English is the second language for nearly all Ghanaians and so it will take us some time to get an ear for the accent.  I hope they understand us easier than we do them.  We met a few of our missionaries during our travels on Sunday.  All were happy to see us and all smiles.  We start a three week road trip to meet all of the missionaries on Tuesday.

Monday morning we said our goodbyes to President and Sister Shulz as they left for the airport.  They have been very kind to us over the last six months and especially this weekend.  Normally, there are only a few hours of transition between mission presidents, but they offered to stay a little longer to get us settled.  They probably saved us three months of flopping around.  They are wonderful, faithful people.

We've got smiles on our faces and butterflies in our stomachs.


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  1. Hey grandpa...i think those are Pulikulam cattle? Am i right? Love, william