Sunday, February 28, 2016

By the Sea

One of the reasons we love the Cape Coast Mission is because we get to see the ocean almost every day.  

This was the week I had planned to go on a 24 hour area visit and spend a day with one of the missionary companionships, but we ended up with several missionaries with investigators who needed to meet with the mission president before their baptism (a good thing), so I went on road trips on Tuesday and Thursday to Mankessim, Praso, Nyanasi, Telecom Hill and Breku.  I didn't take pictures of everyone, but I got a few.

Elder Bobobi and Elder Wightman teaching in the lumber yard.  You can only do this when the power is off.

We also held the follow-up meeting for new missionaries and their trainers.

 The new missionaries in this group came in January and are half-way through their twelve week training period.

We spent the weekend at Busua Beach with the Hanlons for our annual Senior Missionary Couple Retreat.  I'm not much of a cruse director, so it ended up being pretty quiet.  They said they like it that way.

It rained!  We were so happy.

Just for comparison, this was the group we had last February for our Senior Missionary Couple Retreat.  

If this trend continues, it may just be me and Sister Stevenson next year.  We have loved working with each of these fabulous couples and we especially appreciate the willing hearts of Elder and Sister Hanlon.  In addition to their member / leader support in the Praso area, they have stepped in so wonderfully when the health of a missionary meant the needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many.  Their service has allowed Sister Stevenson and I to continue to minister to all of the missionaries.   They are awesome.  

And Sister Hanlon makes a mean pancake.

On Sunday, we attended the Agona Nkwanta Branch.  

The Primary Children

The Missionaries.

The Cute Baby.

Zone Conferences start on Tuesday.  We are excited to get out and see all the missionaries again.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fufu Time Again

During transfer week, we always have fufu for the missionaries who are completing their service.  I'm getting better at it.

I did a pretty good job of picking the bones.  My transformation will be complete when I eat the bones.

We had a successful transfer week.  It is always such a busy, emotional time.  

Elder Adams and Elder Kalanga were able to return to Mankessim after a month in the office.  Elder Adams had an emergency appendectomy.  Can you see why my hair is thinning and turning white?  They were very pleased to get back to their area and the people they love. 

Our new missionaries.

We feed them...


Dinner -- (not chicken and rice)...  That is a home-made pizza.

and breakfast.

We teach them the "game plan."

Let them try some Twi.



And off they go.

 I was also pleased to release a missionary returning from the Accra West Mission after completing his service there.

Elder Aikins from our Agona Branch.

Elder Stulce is the new Assistant, replacing Elder Mocke, who is returning home to South Africa.

Soon after we send out the new missionaries, the returning missionaries begin to roll in.

Making luggage weight is always an adventure...

Tough decisions.

Elder Griffin is in the office training as the Finance Secretary. 

Elder Tyson ironed his shirt the night before -- impressive.

On time for breakfast -- 6 a.m.

Very fine missionaries.  We will miss them.

Double date night.

On Sunday, I drove out to Tarkwa at 4 a.m. with William Acquah, our Mission Clerk, to do a baptismal interview and to continue the administrative process of establishing the new branch.  

The interview was sweet.  Both branches in Tarkwa are doing great. It was a nice (long) day.

(Dead) Creature of the Week:

These little antelope are so cute. I would love to see one alive sometime.