Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mission Tour - 2014

On Friday morning last week, I got a fairly frantic call from Elder Holmgren saying that a diesel tanker had caught on fire in front of the missionary apartment and was burning out of control.

Is everybody ok? --- Yes
Are you all out of the apartment?  --- Yes
Are you all far away from the tanker --- Yes.
Stay far away from the tanker and call me when it is over. --- OK.

I'm not sure they stayed as far away as I wanted them to, because I heard they helped their neighbors clear the goods from the little shops and they formed a water bucket brigade from their apartment water tank to try to save some of the stands.  I guess I can't be upset with them for being great missionaries.  No one was hurt in the fire, including the people who were filling up buckets of the leaking fuel before it blew.  (photos courtesy of Elder Doggett)

We had a wonderful Mission Tour with Elder and Sister LeGrand Curtis.  Elder Curtis is the Area President of the Africa West Area.  On Wednesday afternoon, they joined us for a Mission Leadership Council.

Then on Thursday and Friday we held combined zone conferences.

Elder and Sister Curtis were very kind and we enjoyed being with them.  I joined Elder Curtis and Elder Davis in Assin Foso on Saturday for a leadership conference in that stake.

On Sunday, I left at 5 a.m. and drove to Tarkwa with our Mission Clerk, Brother Acquah.  It was about a 4 hour drive each way.  Brother Acquah needed to train a new branch clerk and I wanted to attend the worship services there and meet the branch president.  We had a nice day and it was great to get to know Brother Acquah better.  

Tarkwa Missionaries with Brother Acquah (2nd from left).

Elder Wade is the son of Alan Wade, one of my missionary companions in Sweden.





  1. That's the cutest date night picture yet! I love it! Thank you for your insightful, informative and humor filled blog. I look forward to it each Sunday. I especially enjoyed seeing Elder Larsen's handsome mug in this week's post. It's been a while because of the slow internet in Telecom, so thank you for sharing your pictures of the missionaries.

  2. I enjoy this blog immensely. It is a story of time and timelessness. A most excellent adventure.