Sunday, December 14, 2014

Attack of the Killer Ants!

Even though it is now the "dry" season, we still get a good rain storm now and then.  The other night it rained hard and sent a gazzillion of these flying ants into the air. Luckily, they were pretty friendly and they lost their wings fairly quickly.  The birds were having a feast and it was interesting to watch them dart around in the air after these guys.  The next morning, we found mounds of dead ones (I think the night watchmen found a can of Raid) and the car windows were covered in detached ant wings.  At first I thought they were termites, which swarm in a similar fashion (and there are 10 foot high termite mounds all over southern Ghana), but termites don't have the hourglass figure that these ants do.  While we were never in any danger, I thought the headline might draw more people to the blog.

We welcomed a new missionary this week.  Elder Tohouri is from Cote d'Ivoire.  He has been in the MTC for six weeks learning English.      

His new companion is Elder Egbert and they serve in Asikuma.

Elder Egbert's former companion, Elder Tyson, is off to Dunkwa-on-offin in a threesome until next transfer when he will open a new area there.


While Christmas celebrations are very low-key in Ghana, that has not stopped the flow of packages coming to the missionaries from home.  Our office elders have been earning their keep.  They spend two days a week getting the mail out to the missionaries and keeping the apartments stocked.

In addition to their office work, they also have a proselyting area.  Elder Jones and Elder Miller have had wonderful success in their area, even with the extra responsibilities in the office.  We are grateful for their service.

This week we held an afternoon of training for our Sister Training Leaders.  These missionaries are members of our Mission Leadership Council and are responsible for the training and welfare of the other sister missionaries assigned to them.

We had a nice time with them and were able to give some direction that I think will really be a blessing in the mission.

These pictures were taken at the end of a tough day.  I think we are smiling because it was at the END of a tough day.

Fried plantain.  Mmmmm.  I also like the plantain chips they sell here.  We use them in place of tortilla chips with home-made guacamole.


We tried to re-create my mom's chocolate iced cookies.  I think we did well. (Too bad Sister Stevenson keeps sharing them.)

Then, at 9:15 p.m. a big delivery truck rumbled into the compound with our new living room furniture.

A surprise delivery of new furniture is always a nice end to date night.


I like the cool eye markings.

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