Sunday, June 7, 2015

Endure To The End.

This week, Evans entered the Missionary Training Center to begin his service in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  Our son-in-law, Jacob, had drop off duty.  Afterward, he commented that he and Breanne were now empty nesters.  We appreciate all of the help and support of our family. It makes it possible for us to focus on our work here in Ghana.

Now that we can't call or text Evans whenever we want, I find myself imagining what he is doing at various times of the day.  We are looking forward to that first e-mail from him. 

Meanwhile, back in Ghana, we had our zone conference with the Praso Zone this week.  We were lucky and happened to be passing through Hemang just as the four missionaries there were looking for a trotro into Praso.  

It's nice because we get to reintroduce them to seat belts.

The fellow who doesn't quite look like a missionary yet was passing by the church as we were gathering in the morning.  I said hello to him and asked if he was a member of the Church.  He said he was but he hadn't attended in "some long time."  As we were chatting, the missionaries assigned to Praso arrived.  They have been visiting him and were very glad to see him at the building.  He sat in on our zone conference and had an enjoyable day with the missionaries.  I am anxious to hear whether he made it to church service today.

Wednesday was our monthly Mission Leadership Council meeting.

Elder Halversen and Elder Larsen lead the Council in a discussion about topics that we should be emphasizing with the missionaries.  We prioritized the topics to develop a training plan for the balance of the year.  I then spoke to the Council about the significance of the Temple Garment and asked them to share these principles with the missionaries in their stewardship.

I really am impressed with these leaders.  A delicate matter came up in one of the areas this week and as I was discussing it with the zone leaders, I offered to get involved.  But they assured me that this was within their triangle (stewardship) and they thought they could handle it.  Later, they called me to report back that the matter had been resolved.  I love that.

On Thursday, I went out to Assin Foso to do some baptismal interviews.

The girl in the center joined the Church earlier this year with her 14 year old sister.  The parents (right) were so impressed with the changes taking place in their daughters' lives that they decided to check it out.  They also gained testimonies of the Restored Gospel and were baptized today. 

Sister Stevenson took advantage of my road trip and went out proselyting with the Sister Missionaries in Ola (near Cape Coast).  

That night, the sisters in Abura called and wanted to know when it was their turn to have Sister Stevenson with them, so on Friday, she spent the day in Abura.

They had a nice day.  Got rained on a little.

One nice thing about the rain is that if you have enough buckets, it saves having to fetch as much water from the community wells.  However, it can be trouble.  Rain in Accra caused the deaths of over 70 people last weekend.  We have had steady rain here, but nothing remarkable.  Still, we did a head count Monday morning to make sure everyone in the mission was doing well.  All OK.

We attended church services in Ola today because Sister Stevenson wanted to follow-up on some of the people she taught on Thursday.  Some of them came and she was very happy.


Sister Stevenson found pork chops on our last trip to Accra.  They were awesome!


Kitten season: (Enjoy, Janee')

Remember in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, if you stayed to watch the end of the credits, you got to see a cool final scene:

Congratulations!  Thanks for watching.

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