Sunday, July 19, 2015

Goodbye, Elder and Sister Seader!

This week, we will say farewell to Elder and Sister Seader, who have served with us as Humanitarian Missionaries for the last year.  They began their assignment in Sierra Leone and were part of the evacuation drama there.  We have enjoyed their association very much and they have coordinated a number of wonderful projects that will bless many communities for years to come.

They will leave us on Wednesday, so we shared a nice date night on Saturday.  Cake, ice cream and a fun DVD, "The Hundred-Foot Journey".  We have two great sister missionaries staying with us at the mission home for a few days.  We let them have some cake, but sent them to their room before the movie! 

We continued the missionary interviews this week with six districts:  Winneba, Swedru, Assin Foso, Telecom, Nkanfoa and Elmina (sixty-two missionaries).  It looked like this:


On Friday, we had our follow-up training with the new missionaries and their companions.  It was a large group this time and keeps getting larger.

These missionaries are in week 4 of their training.  They are doing well.

We will add one more new elder to this group on Monday.  The visa issues in South Africa turn out to be a blessing for us as great new missionaries are assigned to Cape Coast.

Saturday, I conducted the leadership training session for the six mission branches in the Central Region.  I brought about 8 dry erase pens this time.

On Sunday, I attended the Kissi Branch and did a baptismal interview.  Then, I drove on to Daboase to interview a man to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.  While I was in Daboase, I drove over to the new chapel site.  Construction started this week and I wanted to see how much progress was made.

Currently, the branch meets in a small school and competes with another nearby LOUD church.  It is hard to focus over the drums and loudspeakers.

The new location will be much nicer -- in many, many ways.

 Pretty country.


 The Bald Eagle.

I got the shortest haircut of my life since Dad bought that set of barber clippers when I was five.  All of my brothers have been sporting this look for many years.  It looks like I am being forced to conform.


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