Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ministers Wanted

We are gearing up again for transfers.  This was a quick cycle, only four weeks, because of the Mission President Seminar scheduled for the end of October.  The next transfer won't be until December.

We called and trained 20 missionaries to be our trainers for the next group.  When that group arrives, about 70 of our 200 missionaries will have been in the field for less than 12 weeks.  It is nice to have that energy!

The Trainers - October 2015 Transfers

We also had our Mission Leadership Council this week.  We discussed possible ways that we could use the Book of Mormon more effectively in our teaching and how to make it more available, even to those who cannot read. 

We also counseled together on how we might reduce the administrative burden on our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders so that they would have more time to proselyte in their own areas and minister to the missionaries in their stewardship.  We developed a good list of the administrative things that take up their time, then a smaller group met the next day to find ways to accomplish those tasks more effectively. I'm pretty excited about what we are planning.  I think it will greatly improve the ability to focus on our missionary purpose for these leaders.  

Mission Leadership Council - October 2015

Saturday and Sunday, Sister Stevenson and I were invited to participate in the Winneba Stake Conference.   Elder Curtis, our Area President, was presiding.  There was a great turnout at all of the meetings.  We have about 30 missionaries serving in that stake and it was good to see each of them.  

I spoke in all three sessions of the conference and Sister Stevenson spoke in the general session on Sunday.  I was also able to conduct two baptismal interviews after the meetings.  It was a nice conference and very well attended.  It was also great to be with Elder and Sister Curtis again.

Saturday night, we joined the Cape Coast area zone leaders for dinner before they made the transfer announcements and planned the transportation of the missionaries who will change areas on Wednesday.  They grilled chicken and tried to duplicate Sister Stevenson's chicken pasta salad.  We brought sliced tomatoes with melted cheese and store-bought cookies (crumbs).  It was a nice dinner.

I was especially impressed with the grilling skills.  Chicken can be tricky.


Dinner at the Elmina Bay Resort.


This may be the creature that keeps us up at night with his croaking!

Or, he may be the great grandson of the very first creature of the week:

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping us posted on our missionaries. You and Mrs Stevenson seem to be taking good care of them thank you.