Sunday, December 6, 2015

What kind of light do you want to be?

Sister Stevenson instructs on effective scripture study during District Interviews.


What kind of "light" do you want to be?

We finished the last of our missionary interviews for the quarter.  This week, we met with the Elmina, Cape Coast, Ntranoa, Bakaano and Nkanfoa Districts.


Cape Coast




It was time again for Mission Leadership Council -- if you can believe that.  

We trained our new trainers.

Eight new sisters coming ..  none going home.  So, we are opening four new sister areas.

Also, we had our annual driver safety training.

Saturday night, we dropped in on the pre-transfer news and travel planning dinner.

Sister Stevenson made cake, so we were welcome.

On Sunday, I drove out to Axim for church.  Six hours round trip and I only took one picture.


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