Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back to the Western Region

Can you find the awesome missionary sharing the Gospel in this picture?

It is Sister Stevenson!  She always goes down to the Ola Beach when she has to wait for me to finish up with the missionaries after a meeting.  She almost always comes back with a few names of people who want to meet the missionaries (Sometimes, they just want her shoes, like the girl in this picture).

We have had a nice week.  We finished up the last of the zone conferences for this quarter.  We started at Elmina, then on to Takoradi, Tarkwa and Kojokrom.  

Elmina Zone:

Takoradi Zone:

Tarkwa Zone:

Kojokrom Zone (which is being renamed the Mpintsin Zone since it serves the new stake):

On Saturday, we were in Tarkwa for Priesthood Leadership Training for the four remaining mission branches in the Western Region.  

This young man came to the training with his father.  He was pretty excited when it was over.

After the training, I interviewed a new Elders Quorum President for the Axim Branch and conducted a baptismal interview.  Then, on the way home, I stopped in Tanokrom and did two more baptismal interviews.  

On Sunday, we attended services in Axim.  Sister Stevenson says I gave a nice Easter sermon.  We set apart the new Quorum president and Sister Stevenson helped in the Primary.  I also taught the Priesthood Meeting.  

The Quorum President is on the left.

The Axim Branch Primary

This young man was the chorister in Sacrament Meeting and did a great job.

The Axim Missionaries.

Date Night at the Paragon Grill.  The food was OK but the company was great.

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