Sunday, April 10, 2016

Put Your Best Foot Forward

As we were leaving a meeting, we came across two of our Elders playing Ampe with some children. It is probably the most popular schoolyard game here and has been incomprehensible to me just by trying to observe and figure out the rules.  It is a mix of Simon Says, Rocks, Paper, Scissors and dancing.  Players or teams jump in the air and clap twice, as they land each puts a foot forward.  If the leader and the other player have the same foot forward, "bend" (both of the right feet or both of the left feet), the leader wins a point. If opposing feet are thrust, "straight" then the other player becomes leader. Players keep score until one has a certain amount to be announced winner. 

The missionaries made some new friends that day.

We started our quarterly interviews of all the missionaries this week in Assin Foso.  We spent two days and had them come in groups of four to six.  While I do individual interviews, Sister Stevenson visits with those who are waiting.  

This time, Sister Stevenson is visiting with the missionaries about true conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She says it has been nice to hear the missionaries share their experiences with her.

Everyone gets "biscuits."

We met with thirty-six missionaries this week and had a nice time in Assin Foso.

While we were there, Sister Stevenson and I met with President Fokou, the Assin Foso Stake President.  

He often includes dinner as part of our meetings.  This time we had a chicken and mushroom stew over rice.  The mushrooms were wonderful and we enjoyed it very much.  We had a nice discussion about expanding the areas where the missionaries are serving to neighboring towns.  He has a powerful vision of building the Church in that area.  

This was also our week for Mission Leadership Council.

We were able to get reports on the assignments that were made at the last council meeting.  New business included preparations for the upcoming mission tour with Elder and Sister Vinson, a discussion on ways that we can improve the quality of our companionship study time and leadership through example.  This council sets a great spiritual tone in the mission.

On Friday, we had the missionaries who arrived in February and their trainers at the Mission Home for follow-up instruction.  

Everyone seems happy and engaged in the Work.

Saturday and Sunday was the annual Kissi Branch conference.  We had two hours of training for the branch leadership on Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and also taught the Youth Class.  These pictures were taken after class.  They were not as tough a crowd as they look.

President Nelson taught the adults...

Sister Stevenson taught the Primary.

I did temple recommend interviews for two new missionaries from the branch who will enter the MTC later this month.  It is a nice branch.

Sister Stevenson wants a head dress.

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