Sunday, January 1, 2017

Recharging Batteries.

After spending all day interviewing missionaries in Takoradi on Wednesday, we were disappointed to find that I had left the car headlights on.  There wasn't even enough battery left to unlock the door. Any car trouble is an adventure and we have been very lucky that we have never been stranded out in the bush.

I blame the Harmattan, since I had the lights on in the first place because the sun was darkened by all the dust.

Our missionaries and a few members rescued us by finding some jumper cables and a car to give us a jump start.  We were on our way within an hour.

We spent the week doing missionary interviews.  We were in Cape Coast on Tuesday, Takoradi on Wednesday and Thursday, then Abakrampa on Saturday.  Sister Stevenson visits with the missionaries while they are waiting their turn to meet with me.

We didn't take very many pictures this time, but we met with about 70 missionaries.

On Friday, we held the Finish Strong training for the missionaries completing their service on March 1st.

The Finish Strong Shirt -- one of the missionaries commented that there were names of legends on that shirt.  I said they would be legends too.

Group Goals

This group had an interesting approach to signing the shirt.  They each found their trainer's name and signed next to them.  I thought that was really cool.

We hope everyone left with their batteries recharged.

On Sunday, we attended the Yamoransa 2nd Ward.

We were introduced to this mother and daughter who will be baptized next week.

At about 9:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve, we heard a knocking at our front door and found this message written on the porch in wrapped chocolates.  Since we live in a fenced and guarded compound, we have a good idea who sent the greeting (and we are grateful).


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