Sunday, August 17, 2014

Did I Mention We Love Cape Coast?

We spent most of the week in Accra for the Africa West Area Seminar for New Mission Presidents.  We joined five other couples for training from the Area Presidency.  I was glad that I only had to unlearn a handful of things...Nothing to get sent home over.

We stayed in a nice hotel and enjoyed a lot of very good food, but Accra is so big and crowded compared to Cape Coast that I was very very very glad that we are serving where we are.  The traffic on Monday as we were driving in was soooooo crazy -- plus, of course I got lost, so that made it even more frustrating.

Once we got there, we had a very enjoyable time.  See:

Dinner at the hotel.

The Accra, Ghana Temple

 This is the "White House" of Ghana -- the presidential palace.

This is a good friend of Marti Bowles from the Westlake Ward back home.  He must have been on strict orders from Marti to find us because we weren't in the door at the Church Office five minutes and he introduced himself and wanted a picture.  He works for the Church in Accra.  Marti spent some time in Ghana and had assured us we would love it.  She was right.

One other nice bit of news from the trip to Accra was...

Our group in Dunkwa was approved to start meeting weekly.  As soon as we find housing, we will assign four missionaries to work up there.  That will be exciting.

When we arrived home, we immediately had to start working on the missionary transfers coming up next week.

Date Night:  We had dinner with Elder and Sister Miles, our new Senior Couple in the office.  They were transferred from Liberia and will be a great help to us.  Unfortunately, we tried a new restaurant that ended up being a little scary.  I don't think they had had a customer in a few weeks.  We asked for menus and they didn't have any.  We asked what they had and they said chicken and rice.  We decided to have chicken and rice and then waited 40 minutes for them to catch the chicken.  It was scrawny from being chased for so long -- but the Miles are good sports and we had an enjoyable evening.  Nobody got giardia so it was win-win.

Elder and Sister Miles.

Saturday, we participated in the All Africa Day of Service.  There were several projects in our mission.  Sister Stevenson and I attended the one in Yamoransa which consisted of pouring concrete for the second floor of a neighborhood school.  We have some hard-working missionaries and members in this mission.  I was very impressed.

 These guys worked with me on the dirt pile.  I used a shovel to loosen the dirt underneath, then they pounded the hard top with rocks to get it to cave in.  (Others were using a pick, but we did what we could with what we had.)

Sister Stevenson doing what she does best.

Creature of the Week:

We've been told there is a monkey living in the trees behind where Elder and Sister Miles will be living, so we are hoping to have a more exciting creature of the week soon.

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  1. Sounds like fun and adventure everyday. Great to hear that you are enjoying things.