Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy as a pig in a pothole...

Never wrestle a pig.  You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

It has been an interesting week for me.  I've had a few experiences where I thought, "This isn't going to end well."  But then, amazingly, things worked out and everything is OK.  I know it won't be like that every time, but I was grateful that this week had happy endings.  Unfortunately, these experiences will never make the blog because they are too personal, but we are participating in some pretty cool stuff.

On Monday, it was time for another haircut.  I've been going to a local barber who assured me the first time that he could cut obroni hair.  I didn't give him much rope and so I had to go back again a week later.  That time, I let him go and so it had been four weeks since my last haircut.  (I don't know if I've just realized that it is never going to be Aubrey at the Ritz or if I've become less vain, but now I just turn him loose.)  I pay him extra since I'm an unusual head around these parts, and I think he likes to make sure I get my money's worth.

When we drove up to the barbershop, Sister Stevenson said, "You go ahead. I'm going to visit with these people."  Each time we have been there, we have parked near a little shop and have said hi to the folks there -- usually a grandmother, a few adults and some kids.  So I felt pretty good about leaving her out there and went in alone for the shearing.  When I came out, I found her teaching the kids patty-cake while the adults were reading missionary tracts.  There is a church building right around the corner from them, so we invited them to church and said we would check back with them when were in the neighborhood again.  I like being companions with Sister Stevenson.

She always seems to attract a crowd of children.  It is awesome.

We have 15 new missionaries coming on Tuesday, so that means we have 15 new trainers.  We gathered the trainers together on Friday for orientation.  This is such an important leadership calling in the mission.  For the next twelve weeks, they will help get a new missionary settled into the work, the culture and the calling. They help set the tone of the mission well beyond their term of their service.  We have 12 Elders and 3 Sisters coming this time.

 Sister Udoh and Sister Izidor helping with lunch preparations.

I was in Axim again this week doing interviews.  I forgot to take pictures of the missionaries, but I sure remembered the camera when I saw this beach!


There is a very nice hotel with little "hut" rooms overlooking the beach.  We might have to do an overnighter in Axim one of these days.

Here are some other missionaries from my travels this week:

Elders Moffitt and Halterman at our front gate (They live down the street.) 

Elders Nakedi and Doggett and one of their investigators in Assin Foso.

 Elders Iwuji and Bannerman in Kissi.

 This is the meetinghouse for the Kissi Branch.  The open walls were nice today because it was overcast and there was a breeze.  I don't know how I will like it in a few months when the hot season hits.  

I'm still making my way around to the nine mission branches.  I think I only have one now that I haven't been to on Sunday -- Tarkwa.  Scheduled to be there in two weeks.

Date Night -- "Pizza" and Brownies with the Ivies and the Miles:

Creatures of the Week:

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