Sunday, April 26, 2015

I've been to a town, Del.

Sister Stevenson and I spent most of the week in Accra for the Interim Mission President Seminar.  On the way home, we took a couple of hours and hit the West Hills Mall.  I'm afraid we went a little crazy looking at all the available stuff.

We arrived in Accra on Monday afternoon.  Within 20 minutes, Sister Stevenson was in the pool.

We were in meetings with the Area Presidency from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, we were bused to a little restaurant in Accra and had a very nice meal together.  The highlight of the week for us was on Wednesday.  After the meetings, we all attended a session at the Accra Temple.

Which just happened to be at the same time that our youngest son, Evans, was receiving his Endowment at the Boise Idaho Temple.  It was really sweet to share that connection at one of the most important events in his life.

Joseph and Shannon took good care of him.

It was a very nice day for all of us.

On Friday, we had follow-up training for fourteen trainers and their new missionaries.

This group of new missionaries has been with us for three weeks.  It is a good opportunity to bring them in and see how they are doing, reinforce their Missionary Purpose, focus expectations and build unity.  It was a fun day.

Saturday and Sunday, I presided at the Praso District Conference.  That was a first.  I've never been the "visiting authority" before.  The District Presidency is wonderful and we had a very nice conference.


We spent the night at Elder and Sister Hanlon's home.

The missionaries looked great and happy.  We somehow didn't get pictures of the Dunkwa District, but I will be there on Thursday and so I hope they will be featured nicely next week.

After Conference lunch at the home of Brigham Johnson.  The portrait in the background is of his father, Billy Johnson.

Brother Johnson was one of the great pioneers of the Church in Western Africa. Prior to the first missionaries arriving in 1978, Billy Johnson had prepared thousands for baptism in the Restored Gospel. 

The Praso Valley.


Actually, Bamboo is a grass, but it sure looks like a tree.

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  1. I look forward to reading your post each week. Best wishes to you.