Sunday, May 3, 2015


The missionaries in Dunkwa told us that there was a short-cut between Praso and Dunkwa that would save us 30 minutes each way and that the road was smoother.  The Hanlons and the Miles had tried it out and said it also bypassed some water hazards.  In passing, they also mentioned two bridges that looked a little dicey.  No kidding.

After a visual inspection, and with the reassurance that the couple missionaries had negotiated it safely a few days earlier, we ventured forth.  As Sister Stevenson and I drove over, the Assistants sent this text:  "That was intense.  I think you nearly fell through."  Apparently, it wasn't so intense that they wouldn't follow us.  There were two like this and we crossed them coming and going.

I gained a new appreciation for the one-lane Praso Bridge over the River Pra -- which we still have to cross regularly.

It was all worth it though, because we had a very nice day in Dunkwa with the missionaries.

This week, we were in Swedru, Praso, Dunkwa and Kojokrom for missionary interviews -- so we pretty much drove the mission.

Swedru and Odoben Districts (of the Winneba Zone)

The Praso District (Praso Zone)

The Dunkwa District (Praso Zone)

The Kojokrom Zone -- I released missionaries from Daboasi and Agona both before and after interviewing this group, so it was a long, nice day.

Friday night we stayed with the Julanders and took the opportunity to go to our favorite restaurant (now simply called "Bombay")

Sister Stevenson even likes the sink in the washroom.

On Saturday, Elder Julander and I led some priesthood leadership training for the five mission branches in the Western Region.  We had actually planned this for a month ago, but a few days before the training, we became aware that it was a holiday and the public transportation would not be running until about 10 a.m.  So, we decided to postpone the meeting for a month.  Unfortunately, I now know that the first Saturday of every month is some kind of holiday -- so this was the group we had a 10 a.m.  The people are too nice to tell you that you have just moved the meeting from one holiday to another.

It got better once the tros started running and we ended up with a good group.

Elders Tobler and Mocke serve in Chapel Hill and helped us set up the room.


The Weaver -- we ran into these birds and their very cool nests all over this week.



The Oil Palm:

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