Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sprinkling vs. Immersion

We celebrated Sister Stevenson's birthday this week with cake and dinner and a new dress.  We opted out of the soaking that she helped line up for me on my birthday since she paid a heavy price for her conspiracy.  

Instead, I just dribbled a few drops of water on her from a sachet and we called it good.  Sister Izidor and Sister Hanlon share the same birthday, so we celebrated with them.

We finished up the missionary interviews this week with the Takoradi and Cape Coast Zones.  Twenty-two interviews each day.  

Cape Coast Zone

The Takoradi Zone



This was also our week for Mission Leadership Council.

 We discussed:

1.  Helping missionaries learn to budget so they don't starve the last week of the month.
2.  Zone Conference structure for May-June.
3.  Principles of leading through councils.
4.  Helping missionaries finish their missions with honor.

The Sisters in the Mission Leadership Council.

Birthday Sisters.

Each zone accounts for its petty cash fund after the MLC with the Office Elders.

On Friday, we invited 17 new missionary trainers to the mission home for orientation.  Next week is Transfer Week, and we will be getting a large group.  The next three transfers will be very large with 35% of the missionaries turning over.  It will give many of the younger missionaries opportunities for leadership.  

The Trainers

Saturday and Sunday, I presided at the Daboase Branch Conference.  

Training for the Branch Council on Saturday.

Worship services on Sunday...

Saturday night we peeked in on the Transfer Transportation Planning meeting.  All under control.

And, of course, breakfast in bed for Mothers' Day!


This nest of spiders was above the Deacons during Sacrament Meeting.  There were three or four good sized ones in there and I was a little distracted making sure they stayed put (the spiders, not the Deacons).


Sister Stevenson loves these threes.  The leaves are huge!

I wonder what this tree was thinking when it started to grow sideways.

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  1. We enjoy your posts immensely President, they are always uplifting and inspiring. Happy Mother's Day to Sister Stevenson from the Tucker family!