Sunday, August 16, 2015

All Africa Day of Service

On Saturday, members of the Church all across Africa participated in a day of service.  Each stake was asked to plan a significant project that would benefit their community.  The Cape Coast Stake provided much needed landscape maintenance and cleaning at the psychiatric hospital.  There was a wonderful turnout of the members and they did beautiful work.  The missionaries participated along with the members of the Church.


We also collected bars of soap to donate to the hospital for the patients.  

Our other major event this week was the Mission Leadership Council.  Twice each year, we expand the group to include the district leaders.  We provide training in their responsibilities as the leaders of the mission.

The topics we discussed included:

  • Leading through Councils.
  • Chain of Stewardship.
  • Helping Others be Obedient.
  • Missionary Exchanges.
  • Effective District Meetings.
  • Baptismal Interviews.
  • Christ-like Leadership.

Here are some pictures from my travels throughout the mission this week:

The Office Elders gave us a can of A&W Root Beer.  It's a pretty rare thing.

We celebrated.

Sister Stevenson has acquired the taste for a malt soft drink that is popular here. I can't get more than a swallow or two down.  Life is too short to have to acquire tastes.

We got a call at about 10 p.m. the other night from the emergency clinic.  A missionary had been doing the dishes and a knife slipped off the counter and stuck in his foot.  It required stitches and a tetanus shot, but luckily, no tendon damage.  All the toes are working.

Even so, we still encourage the missionaries to wash their dishes every day!

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