Sunday, August 2, 2015

Interviews Complete - Here Come Transfers!

We finished the last of the missionary interviews this week.  That means that transfers are coming and we have zone conferences to look forward to.  On Tuesday, the building we were scheduled to use was locked, so I got started outside while we tried to find someone with a key.  We finally ended up going up the street a kilometer to the next chapel.

On Monday, the Nkanfoa District came to the mission home for a district activity.  The sisters made a dish from plantain and corn starch called Akple and Okro stew.

The elders made a chunky fruit drink.

Both were very delicious.

Since we ate by hand, there were minimal dishes to wash.

 Elder Wasden and Elder Collette earned their keep by washing the dishes.  The eggs are also awaiting their washing.  We wash all our produce and eggs in a bleach / soap solution to avoid stomach issues.

Tuesday through Thursday were spent in missionary interviews.  We met with the Axim, Tarkwa, Odoben, Kojokrom and Secondi districts.

This is Tarkwa / Axim:

Tarkwa District

Axim District

Wednesday, we planned to go out to Odoben for interviews, but I exercised the "wimp clause" and offered them cake and ice cream if they would come to the mission home for interviews.  The answer was, "Hmmm, let me think.  YES!!!!!!!"  I've been to Odoben four or five times, never the same way twice.  The roads shown on Google Maps don't really exist and the real roads are off the charts.  What was funny (ironic) was the next day, the elders called me and said they had an investigator who needed an interview from the mission president, so I made the drive on Saturday (without incident) anyway.  It was still nice to have them at the mission home and share cake with them.  They are out in the bush and it is good to get some blacktop under their feet occasionally. 

The Odoben District

The Kojokrom and Sekondi district interviews were on Thursday:


I was on a tight schedule, so the sister missionaries from Tanokrom jumped in a cab with their wonderful investigator so that I could meet with her before her baptism this week.  It was so nice to meet with her.  I love being able to visit with many of these sweet folks as they are preparing to make baptismal covenants.  

Kojokrom District

Sekondi District

After the interviews, we rushed over the the non-citizen registration office in Takoradi before they closed for the day.  My ID card had expired and Sister Stevenson's would have expired next week.

We made it just in time, so we are good for another year.

Friday, we had an orientation meeting for all of our new trainers.  

We have 21 new missionaries coming on Tuesday (20 elders and 1 sister), so we have 21 new trainers.

Next week may be a little bumpy.  We have 29 missionaries going home and 21 coming.  That is about 15% of the mission turning over in one day.  I'm glad we have great trainers!

Saturday, I spent some time on the road doing baptismal interviews.

Mankessim, then on to...


We inherited a Magic Bullet from Elder and Sister Seader, so we gave it a whirl for date night this week.

Mango, papaya, pineapple, ice cream and Sprite.

We are carbo-loading for next week.  See you on the other side.

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