Sunday, November 15, 2015


Elder and Sister Hanlon are currently our lone senior couple.  They are such a blessing to us in the mission.  They provide leadership support in the Praso District and have been so cheerfully willing to help anywhere else they are needed.  We could use a dozen just like them.  

This week, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Sister Raelene Hill, the wife of the mission president in the Accra West Mission.  She was always so positive and friendly.  She was a great example to us.  We will miss her very much.  We had been with her just the week before at the Mission President Seminar.

Sister Stevenson, Sister Ziqubu, Sister Thompson and the Hanlons represented our mission at a memorial service for Sister Hill in Accra.

On Tuesday, we welcomed a new missionary from the MTC.  His name is Elder Woyesa and he comes from Ethiopia.

His Trainer is Elder Raphael (left).

On Wednesday, we had interviews with the missionaries from the Yamoransa, Abakrampa and Mankessim Districts.




Friday, we brought all of the new missionaries who are in their first transfer and their trainers for some follow-up instruction.  I'm not always sure if the meeting makes much of a difference, but I had several of the missionaries thank me and tell me that it helped them resolve to make some changes.

Elder Boamah, one of our former missionaries, was in town visiting family and dropped by after the meeting.  He looks good!

In another example of Hanlon handiness, Elder Hanlon discovered that our water dispensers need cleaning from time to time.  So, he pulled ours apart and cleaned it ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Luckily, what I didn't know doesn't seem to have hurt us.  But I feel better now.

The Ntranoa Missionaries


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  2. Shipshape and Bristol Fashion: The term developed most likely in view of the port of Bristol which had (before the Floating Harbour was constructed) a very high tidal range of 13 metres (43 ft), the second highest in the world. Ships moored in this area would be aground at low tide and, because of their keels they would fall to one side, and if everything was not stowed away tidily, or tied down, the results were chaotic and cargo could be spoiled.

  3. I pray for much strength and wisdom from the Lord for Elder and Sister Stevenson to be able to help these missionaries deliver effectively and efficiently all the time. May the Lord constantly guide their footsteps, thoughts and actions. May He prepare the people He the Lord has chosen for them spiritually always. It is never easy but it's worth it in the end. The Lord is with you in the work. I love you sweet heros Elder and Sister Stevenson. Keep up the good work. I love missionaries, I love missionary work. Indeed it is Divine.