Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mission President Seminar 2015

Sister Stevenson and I spent the week in Accra for the semi-annual Area Mission President Seminar. We joined 14 other mission presidents for instruction from our Area Presidency.  We stayed at a very nice hotel a few blocks from the temple.  One of the highlights of the week was when we were joined on Thursday by Elder Bednar, a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles and Elder Halstrom, a member of the Presidency of the Seventy.  

In addition to our mission president meeting, we also got to join them for a member fireside on Thursday and a Priesthood Leadership Training meeting on Saturday.  On Thursday, Elder Bednar was taking questions and this sharp 9 year old boy asked him how he could best prepare for his mission.  Elder Bednar invited him to come up (he was accompanied by his younger brother) and then invited a few of the mission presidents to give him a sentence of advice each.  I said "Learn all you can about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so that you will love them and want to serve them with all your heart."  The boys are living in Accra for a few years while their dad is on an ex-pat assignment.  

We also saw Elders Bannerman, Gynsah and Longjohn (GCCM returned missionaries) at the fireside. They all looked great. 

And we saw Elder Jamison from the Lake Oswego Stake.  He is serving in the Ghana Accra Mission.  

This is Elder Jamison's first transfer.  He looks good!

We finally got to meet President and Sister Carlson, who are re-opening the Liberia Mission. President Carlson grew up with my dear friend, Terry Clark, and so we had heard wonderful things about them.  They are really having an adventure in Liberia.  I was so happy to hear them gush about the missionaries from Cape Coast who are serving with them now.

We also managed to find time to eat during the week...

and eat...

 and eat...

and eat...

and eat...

You get it.

On Sunday, we were back on the job.  We attended worship services in Agona, which is a little past Takoradi.  

I had my monthly meeting with President Adjei, who is my counselor in the Mission Presidency.  He takes care of the five western mission branches.

Sister Stevenson and Sister Adjei taught the Primary children.

The Agona Elders

It was a great week.  We are pumped up to be better.  The missionaries took good care of each other while we were gone.


We don't have lions and tigers and giraffes and hippos in Ghana, but we do have cute little antelope. I have never seen one alive, but the hunters stand by the side of the road and dangle them for passing motorists to buy for food.  I'm told they are very tasty.

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