Sunday, January 10, 2016

Great Expectations...

We had a couple of big meetings this week.  We gathered the new missionaries and their trainers together to review purpose and expectations.  We had over forty missionaries participating.  We filled the board with expectations.  My favorites were "exact obedience" and "being willing."  

We have to stop and look at the ocean on the way home.

We also had an expanded Mission Leadership Council.  Twice a year, we invite all of the district leaders to join the Council for specialized training.  

We covered how to hold effective district meetings...

meaningful baptismal interviews...

missionary exchanges...

and general leadership principles.

The mission presidency and our wives got together on Saturday for a nice lunch and presidency meeting.  I am so grateful for their service in the mission.  

On Mondays (Preparation Day) the missionaries are able to e-mail friends and family.  They generally use public "internet cafes" to do that.  Sometimes I get messages that say, "P esident, the e is no " " on this keyboa d."  

I went out to do a baptismal interview this week and the investigator was nice enough to prepare food for me and the missionaries.

The meat in the middle is giant snail. My first.  It was good.  The crab (also my first) is eaten by just chomping everything.  I tried, but the best I could do was crunch through the legs.  The shell was too hard to bite through, so I called upon my missionary companions to help me out.  

We attended church services in Abura today.  We have six sister missionaries serving in the two Abura Wards.

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