Sunday, February 7, 2016

A New Branch in Tarkwa

Today, I was joined by my wonderful counselors in the Mission Presidency to form the Brenu-Akyirim Branch in Tarkwa.  Sister Stevenson and I arrived on Saturday so that I could interview and call the new branch president.

Date Night at the Longji Hotel in Tarkwa.

The new branch leadership. 

Sister Stevenson taught Primary during the third hour of Church.

She got help from some of the missionaries.

This week, we continued our interviews with the missionaries.  We met with the Achiasi, Assin Foso, Akonfundi and Telecom Districts -- all serving the Assin Foso Stake.

Elder Plumb never smiles for the camera.

Why don't you smile?

I don't know.

We also held Mission Leadership Council.

One of the ideas that came out of this council a few months ago was to make recordings of selected chapters from the Book of Mormon in Twi and Fante so that the missionaries could use them when they teach people who can't read or speak English.  We are very excited about this because it addresses two problems:  

1. For many people who speak only their local language, the only way to experience the Book of Mormon is to have someone read it to them.  

2.  When missionaries are unable to have a member of the Church with them to translate, they will now have something meaningful to share with their non-English speaking investigators.  

We distributed a CD to each companionship this week and we are anxious to hear how it goes.  


Friday, we held the Finish Strong Seminar for the missionaries who will go home in March and May.

Setting group goals.

We will finish strong.


Sister Stevenson loves dragonflies.

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