Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mission Culture

Every mission has a culture, a set of shared values or behaviors that are passed down from generation to generation.  Our Mission Leadership Council has been working to understand our mission culture and to establish the direction for what we would like to become.  The following are the ten elements of our ideal culture.  I think we are getting close.

In our mission:
We are disciples of Jesus Christ.
We offer Him our hearts and our willing minds.
We are “Full Purpose Missionaries.”
We are exactly obedient.
We love each other and the people we serve.
We follow the principles of Preach My Gospel.
We dress and act like representatives of Jesus Christ.
We work hard.
We freely share the Book of Mormon.
We teach repentance and baptize converts.

We completed the last of our missionary interviews this week, just in time for transfers.  We have four Elders that were missed because of sickness on the date of their interview, but we will see them soon.  We met with the members of the Nkanfoa, Cape Coast, Yamoransa, Mankessim, Abakrampa, Kissi, Elmina, Hemang and Praso Districts.  That is about 62 missionaries.  I really like the way we have structured the interviews this time.  Sister Stevenson visits with the missionaries who are waiting for their turn to meet with me and gives them counsel on staying healthy.  She enjoys that so much more than doing a formal training session and I think the missionaries have appreciated getting to know her better.

Practicing flossing.


After the last interview!

We also held the orientation meeting for our new trainers in preparation for transfers next week.  I had a scheduling conflict, so my Assistants conducted the majority of the training. I arrived home in time to add a few thoughts at the end.  Sister Stevenson said they did a great job.  

We only have four new missionaries coming this time.  One of our trainers had recently attended the orientation and was five hours away, so we excused him.

Sister Stevenson uses the restroom alfresco.  I think she is getting used to it here.

Transfer Travel Planning BBQ


The welcoming committee at Mankessim.

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