Sunday, July 10, 2016


We received this material as a gift and had it made into matching shirts.  We are pretty African.

Charles' wife did the sewing for us.  He delivered the shirts to the mission home and brought a friend. This is the first kid I have ever seen that was wary of Sister Stevenson.  She warmed up after a while.

We started our missionary interviews for the quarter in Assin Foso.  We met with 36 missionaries over two days.

They get treats if they are good.

We generally have them come four at a time so the wait isn't too long.  However, I did the Achiasi interviews during their district meeting.

While I am interviewing, Sister Stevenson has been talking to the missionaries about using the Book of Mormon in conversion.  She shows them a recent talk by President Nelson from the Seminar for New Mission Presidents and then they discuss ways to use the Book of Mormon more effectively in our work.  

While we were in Assin Foso, Sister Stevenson and I met with President Fokuo, the stake president.  He fed us again!  Talapia with rice and french fries.  (He was educated in Washington DC, so he knows about french fries.)


We also held Mission Leadership Council this week.

Twice each year we invite all of the District Leaders to meet with the Leadership Council and we provide specialized training for the group. 

Elder Adams and Elder Jager instructed on Baptismal Records and Money Management.  At the end of their discussion I gave my "The Office Elders are outstanding missionaries who are taking time out of their proselyting to serve you and I would be very disappointed if missionaries are giving them fire because they don't think they are moving fast enough for them" speech.

Brother Laing, our facilities manager, spoke to the leaders about caring for the missionary apartments

He brought some scary pictures.

We had a nice discussion on the importance of baptismal interviews and the qualifications for baptism.

How to plan and conduct effective District Meetings.

Training through companion exchanges.

Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ.

There is always a line of missionaries to see me after a meeting, so Sister Stevenson went to the beach to wait for me.

We drove out to Dunkwa-On-Offin again on Sunday morning.  We really want to help strengthen that branch.  It is still a new branch and very isolated.  It is a four hour drive on bouncy roads, so we started at 4:30 a.m.  In terms of scenery, I think it is my favorite drive in the mission.


  The Missionaries at Dunkwa-On-Offin.

Elder Okwii (far left) has served in Dunkwa twice.  He suggested to me that he be released as a zone leader for his last transfer and assigned to Dunkwa again so that he could connect the current missionaries with some of the less-active members in the branch.  I don't usually take requests, but this felt right.  The other missionaries are glad to have him and have been taking turns with him in their areas to introduce them to people they had not previously been able to find.

It was a long day, but it felt good to be with the Saints in Dunkwa.

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