Monday, July 4, 2016

Liveness Detected

Watermelon on the 4th of July!

It was a quiet week.  I had set aside a few days to catch up on some administrative matters that were past due.  I didn't get everything done that I had hoped to, but made a dent.

We also had a couple of specialized training meetings with the missionaries.  

We met with our six Sister Training Leaders and discussed their responsibilities.  

Sister Training Leaders are members of the Misison Leadership Council and have a special stewardship to assist the mission president and his wife in providing for the spiritual and physical welfare of the sister missionaries.  

Once each transfer period, they exchange companions with the sister missionaries in their area and spend 24 hours working with them individually and providing training.

The day of the training happend to be Sister Charumbira's birthday, so we gave her a song.

This week we also held the Finish Strong training for the missionaries who will complete their service in September.  

They set some awesome group goals for themselves and even agreed on principles that they would follow in order to accomplish their objectives.

The unity demonstrated in item number 10 is the whole reason we have this meeting.  These missionaries have been together since the beginning and I want the love they feel for each other to carry them through what ought to be the most productive and fulfilling part of their mission.

Signing the Finish Strong Shirt is a highlight.

We attended church on Sunday in the new branch in Tarkwa (I can't spell it yet and the Branch President told me yesterday that we spelled it wrong anyway when we formed the branch).

During the third hour, the Elder's Quorum meets in this alcove and the Relief Society meets in the connecting main room.  They have to whisper when they sing, whisper when they pray and whisper all through the lesson.  It's not great, but we have outgrown the building.  We are looking for a larger space so we can start singing out loud again.

On the way to Tarkwa, we stopped in Mpintsin to do a baptismal interview.

I don't usually get to interview people of this age, but I really enjoyed meeting this young man.  He is super sharp and very spiritually mature.  

We stayed overnight on Sunday in Takoradi so that Sister Stevenson and I could renew our Non Citizen Identification Cards.  Part of the process is to prove that you are alive.

We are alive!

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