Monday, August 22, 2016

Laying Down the Weapons of Our Rebellion

We held zone conferences on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Takoradi, Telecom and Praso.  Our topics this time are: 1. Establishing Zion; 2. Finding People to Teach; and 3. Overcoming Objections. I won't say more than that this week so we don't spoil it for the rest of the zones.



On Thursday, I was asked to speak to the youth at the multi-stake "For the Strength of Youth" Conference.

There were over 700 participants for the five-day conference.

I spoke about how they could be great member - missionaries.  I brought a copy of the Book of Mormon for each of them and challenged them to give it to a friend by the end of the month and then share their experience with the full-time missionaries in their ward. (I now have the mission record for sharing the most copies of the Book of Mormon in one day.)

Elder Blay helped me demonstrate how to share the Book of Mormon.

The young men and women seemed to be really enjoying the conference.  We saw some of them later in the week and they were still very excited.  It sounded like it was a tremendous success.

I was in Dunkwa-On-Offin with President Johnson (the Praso District President) to reorganize the branch presidency on Saturday and Sunday.

This is the new branch president and his family.

The new presidency (the 2nd Counselor was out of town for the weekend due to work.)

I spoke in Sacrament meeting about facing our challenges with faith and hope.  Then, for the third hour, we gathered the whole branch together and discussed how we would establish Zion in the Dunkwa-On-Offin Branch.

We reviewed several examples in the scriptures when the Church had been blessed with astonishing progress and determined the attributes that lead to that success.  

We agreed to follow the example of the People of Ammon from the Book of Mormon, who "...became a righteous people; they did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren."  To reinforce this commitment, we invited everyone to symbolically bury the "weapons of their rebellion" in a small pit that we dug in front of the Church.  They all tossed in a piece of paper to demonstrate their willingness to help strengthen the branch and each other.   

I'm excited for my little flock.

While I was in Dunkwa, Sister Stevenson was in Praso with Elder and Sister Sorensen.

They attended the Kenkuase Branch on Sunday.

The branch has a fairly new meeting house which replaced the small rented school they were using before.

It is a remote village.

The Primary Children.

It doesn't appear that rainy season is over.

 Parting Shots:

Sunset at the airport.

Sun-baked millipede.

Royal Antelope

For the cat people in our family.

Holding on for dear life.




Saturday was the scheduled "All Africa Day of Service" for the Church.  Because of the Youth Conference, the date has been shifted around a little for many of the units, so we were not personally involved this year, but here is a picture of the Mankissem members on a hospital clean-up project.

At our meeting with the stake president in Assin Foso, we were invited to eat Banku with ocra stew and fish.

Banku is made from fermented corn meal mixed with a small amount of cassava.

President Fokou also asked me to provide training to his new high councilor over missionary work.

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