Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Parable of the Fufu, and other stories.

We attended the Mpintsin Stake Conference this weekend.  This was the first stake conference of the newly created stake when Takoradi was divided six months ago.  Several of the missionaries sang in the choir -- that is why the sisters are in matching peach.  I gave the elders in the choir special permission to wear the blue bow ties.  They changed into their "missionary" ties after the meeting.

The attendance at conference was outstanding.  They filled the building and the classrooms and tents set up for overflow. 

Sister Stevenson spoke on Hope in Christ in the general session on Sunday and I spoke in all three sessions:

Priesthood Leadership -- The Oath and Covenant Which Belongeth to the Priesthood.
Saturday Adult Session -- Sharing the Gospel (including the Parable of the Fufu).
General Session -- Feast Upon the Words of Christ.


You make the best fufu in all of Ghana.  The fufu is so smooth and delicious.  The soup is perfect and you always have the most tender meat or fish.  One day, you are just sitting down to enjoy a big bowl of your awesome fufu and a friend comes to visit you.  You invite your friend to sit with you at the table while you begin eating your fufu.  Your friend watches you politely and quietly for some time and finally asks, "Are you not going to share your fufu with me?"  You look up in surprise and say, "I didn't think you would like the fufu!"  

Each of us is enjoying the blessings of the Restored Gospel.  It brings us great joy and many of our friends and family are watching us and wondering when we will invite them.  We would never imagine that we would eat a meal in front of someone without inviting them to join with us.  How can we enjoy the Gospel and not share it?  Don't ever say, "I didn't think they would be interested in the Church."  You would be surprised how many are waiting for an invitation. 

When we arrived at the chapel this morning, we were greeted by this group of Scouts. As we got out of the car, the leader marched over to us, saluted and said they were ready for inspection.  So, Sister Stevenson and I joined the stake president in shaking hands with each of them and thanking them for coming.  They served as ushers for the meeting today.  You can see the overflow tents in the background.

Catching up with President Adjei, my Second Counselor in the Mission Presidency.

Everyone is always so kind to us.  It is difficult for us to carry our own bags.  There is always someone who wants to help.

Earlier in the week, we met with the missionaries in the Assin Foso Zone, Yamoransa Zone and Mankessim Zone,  We have now completed zone conferences for eight of our ten zones.

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