Sunday, September 25, 2016

Until the mouth of the Lord shall call.

It was FINISH STRONG time for the missionaries who will complete their service in December and January.  

The Doctrine.

The Goals.

The Covenant.

The Finishers.

Remember the "Provo Nine?"  It turns out if you don't have your Missionary Training Center experience in Ghana, you come into the mission field without Non-Citizen Identification Cards or your medical clearance to establish residency in the country.  So, we had to yank them all back from their areas of assignment and they spent one day in Takoradi getting their ID cards and the next day in Cape Coast with the doctor.  Pizza and a sleepover at the mission home were included to make it all worth while.

We also started our quarterly missionary interviews this week. We didn't get too far down the list, but we will hit it hard next week in the Western Region.

On Saturday, we invited all the stake and district presidents in the mission and their wives to join us at the mission home for lunch.  Elder Davis, our Area Seventy and my two counselors also attended with their wives.

We spent a little time on Church business, but mostly it was just an opportunity to enjoy the afternoon together and get to know each other.

They could choose between goat stew with rice or fufu in goat light soup.

I chose fufu.



Because we are aburofoɔ, we served cake and ice cream for dessert.

Our daughter's drawing of the Tree of Life from the Book of Mormon was a hit.

We love serving with these wonderful men...

and women!

On Sunday, we drove back to Kissi / Komenda but attended church in the Kissi Branch this time.

Elder Biney and Elder Tietjen serve in Kissi.

The chapel is an open structure, so it needs to be dusted for every use.  

The lack of walls is nice on a rainy day with a light breeze.

Sister Stevenson's handiwork in Primary.

After the meetings, the missionaries and members from the Komenda group came to Kissi for a baptism.


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