Sunday, October 23, 2016


We found two of our awesome missionaries walking on the road between Nyenase and Praso, which was a little troubling because there is a ton of nothing in between those two towns.  They explained that the cab they had been riding in broke down and so they were walking until another car came along.  Unfortunately, we had a full vehicle and were not able to assist them, but they assured us that a cab would come soon.  They were still pretty cheerful.    

We are still getting a lot of rain for so late in the season.  The missionaries get wet, so they don't like it very much.  I say every day without the blazing sun is a blessing.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Assin Foso interviewing the 34 missionaries serving there.

We also enjoyed another coordinating meeting and dinner with the Assin Foso Stake President while we were in town:

We have transfers next week, so on Friday we met with the 21 new trainers to teach them about their new responsibilities.  

Saturday and Sunday, we were in the Praso Zone to complete the interviews for the quarter.

The road between Cape Coast and Praso is being repaved.  There will be one less adventure in the world when it is completed.


We arrived in Praso just as a district training meeting on family history was finishing.  We were invited to have lunch with President and Sister Johnson and Elder and Sister Sorrensen.  It was very nice.  The missionaries that we were there to interview got to eat too, so they didn't mind the delay.


Crossing the Pra at dawn to attend church in Dunkwa-On-Ofin and interview the last of the missionaries for the quarter.

We have a new baptismal font at the chapel.

Two members of the Praso District Presidency came with us.  President Johnson instructed during the third hour of services. 

The Dunkwa Missionaries.

Working with members in Hemang.

Big Bugs:

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