Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Wheels

The long awaited replacement for our old mission van arrived on Monday.  It is pretty nice.  Automatic transmission (the old one had a standard transmission that was a mystery to most of our young missionaries), captain's chairs, black paint (not yellow).

Everyone was pretty excited.

Goodbye yellow van.  It was nice knowing you. You have been through many adventures and now it is time to rest.

Monday was also the scheduled day to change the water filter.  I really only needed to change one of the three filters, but I wasn't paying attention and opened the housing for the wrong filter and ended up having to change all three.  Never been much of a handyman.

We continued our progress in interviewing missionaries this week:






We also had our Mission Leadership Council meeting.

We began planing for our next zone conference which will emphasize improving our teaching skills.

We spent a portion of the council meeting reviewing dress and grooming standards.  Sister Stevenson took the Sister Training Leaders separately and I met with the Zone Leaders.  We want them to meet with their missionaries and review the standards with them before the end of the transfer.

We also had an interesting discussion regarding this powerful quote from the Missionary Handbook:  "A leader should never tolerate or participate in inappropriate activities."

We attended church at the Ola University Ward today.  

The sister missionaries with some of the investigators who attended church today.  These are all students at Cape Coast University.

The Primary children were practicing for their Sacrament Meeting presentation.

Date Night at Biriwa Beach.


Cape Coast pineapple is so sweet you can eat the core.

Sister Stevenson has had a bad influence on Ghana.

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  1. Thank you so much for your weekly updates! I look forward each week and feel so connected to all of these amazing elders and sisters and the sweet people of Ghana!