Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just Keep Moving.

Part of Sister Stevenson's instruction this month is to encourage the missionaries to exercise in the mornings.  They practiced with her.

After all that, they needed to relax.

Change the water filters regularly!

She is also reminding them to take their Doxycycline every day, wash eggs, fruit and vegetables in soap, bleach and water, sleep under a mosquito net and wash your hands.

We met with four zones this week for interviews -- mostly in the Western Region.

We are still in Harmattan season, but the rains seem to be coming.

Saturday and Sunday, we attended the Mpintsin Stake Conference.

Sister Stevenson spoke in two of the sessions and I was invited to speak in each of the meetings.

The choir on Sunday was awesome.

With Sister Adjei.

The Scouts served as ushers again.  Here is President Dzikpe inspecting the troops. They are pretty passionate.  One of the boys came up to me, raised his knee up then smartly put it down while saluting me, followed by a warm handshake.

This family stayed afterward to let the crowd disperse and to enjoy the shade of the overflow awnings.  We had great attendance at all of the meetings and needed the overflow areas.

We had a nice week.  Next week we will finish up the last of the interviews, hold a couple of training meetings and prepare for transfers.

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