Sunday, February 26, 2017


This is the look of joy that comes when you have sugar for the first time in six weeks.  Elder Garry and I had a personal challenge with each other to eliminate added sugar from our diets for this transfer period.  The penalty for failure was to vacuum out the mission vehicle. He denies it, but Elder Garry seemed a bit grumpy during the last week of the challenge.  It was nice to see him back to his old self. Sweet.  (By the way, I am down 3 kilograms!)

The event that provided this joyous reunion was the transfer planning meeting on Saturday evening. Crepes, cake, ice cream and banana bread provided the energy needed to plan the transportation for the missionary transfers next week and to call everyone with their new assignments.

We completed the last of the missionary interviews this week.  We started out in Abakrampa.

I always look for crocodiles when I am in Abakrampa.  Haven't seen any yet.

My Favorite Tree.

Abakrampa District.

After returning from Abakrampa, we met with the rest of the Yamoransa Zone at the Mission Home.

Yamoransa District

Nkanfoa District.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were back in Assin Foso to interview the missionaries in the Telecom and Assin Foso Zones.

Akonfundi District.

No one volunteered to demonstrate the wall sit.

How to clean your fruit, vegetables and eggs.

Assin Foso District

Filter care.

Achiasi District

Sister Zadi knows her filters!

Telecom District

Friday, we were back in Cape Coast for the follow-up training with the new missionaries and their trainers.

The new missionaries in this group have been with us for six weeks.

It is always a joy for them to see their friends again from the Missionary Training Center.

We review their purpose as missionaries, check on progress and discuss expectations.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon with the missionaries who will be training those who will be joining us next week.

We have eight new missionaries coming from the MTC.  (For those of you counting, one of the trainers has done this before and had a baptism scheduled, so she was excused.)

Leadership in the Savior's way.  The leader is the servant of all.

We attended church services in Ola Ward on Sunday.  

After the meetings, Sister Stevenson and I joined the bishop and met with the Sister Missionaries and four of their investigators who attended church today.  We took the opportunity to answer some of their questions.  They are a sharp group.  One of them is scheduled for baptism in a few weeks and is already sharing the Gospel with his friends.

 With Sister Coleman.  If you look closely, you can see a little foot sticking out from the blanket holding a child on her back. 

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