Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ice Cream or Eye Screen?

We finished the last of our missionary interviews for this transfer period.  We were in Western Region on Tuesday through Thursday.  These Takoradi missionaries found some drums in the stake center. They sounded pretty good.


Some of the missionaries got caught in a rainstorm on the way to their interview.   

More wet missionaries.



While we were in the Axim Chapel, a man washed our car in hopes that we would pay him for his service.  He didn't do a very good job.  We gave him something for a nice try.


Friday morning, we drove out to Kissi to meet with the Kissi / Komenda elders.

Then, Friday afternoon we held the orientation meeting for the new trainers.

Transfers are next week.  We will receive ten new missionaries.  These are their trainers.

Saturday and Sunday, we participated in the Cape Coast Ghana Stake conference.

Unplanned Service.

Missionaries in the choir.

After the Sunday session of Stake Conference, we invited the last nine missionaries that we needed to interview to come to the mission home.

These sisters serve in the three wards in Abura.

While I am interviewing, Sister Stevenson is working on their hearts.

Lined up for goodbye hugs.

Even after two years in Africa, I still have trouble sometimes understanding the English accents.  In stake conference, it was announced several times that there would be a stake "Health Walk" next Saturday morning.  After the walk, everyone would receive either an eye screen or an ice cream.  I am hoping for the latter, but I think it is the former.

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