Sunday, May 14, 2017

Three days in Foso and Three days in Praso.


Another big week.  We held two zone conferences and interviewed all the missionaries in Assin Foso then shot over to Twifo Praso for their zone conference, interviews and the member district conference.  I'm not sure why we even have a mission home!

Here is Assin Foso:

Practicing how to appropriately suggest to a bishop that the missionaries should be invited to Ward Council Meeting.

The zone leaders in each zone have been teaching about effective visits in the member's home.  Our purpose is to strengthen and edify them.  As with all aspects of our work, we seek to understand and assist in meeting the needs of the individual.

I have been training on the ecclesiastical structure for sharing the Gospel in the wards and developing strong working relationships with Church leaders.  There is a remarkable statement in "Preach My Gospel" that promises that the relationships we develop with Church leaders as missionaries will be a blessing to us throughout our lives.

I also save time at the end to answer any doctrinal questions the missionaries may have.  They really like that part. (Me too.)

And here is Praso:

The Assistants have been teaching about the importance of member referrals.  Seventy-five percent of our success in baptisms comes from referrals or part-member families.  We discussed who we ask for referrals, when we ask and how.  We are grateful for every referral and treat them like gold.  The trick is to remember to ask.

Former full-time missionaries, Elder Riehle and Elder Halterman in Ghana on business.

President and Sister Johnson hosted the missionaries for a nice meal after the District Conference on Sunday.

It was another nice week.  We are on the West side next week to finish up the interviews, then its time for transfers again.  I guess we will sleep when we die.

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