Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beginnings and Endings.

We welcomed our three new sister missionaries from the MTC on Tuesday.

We enlisted some help in teaching them the Mission Hymn, "Rise Up Servants of God."

They did well.

Elder Jager is the new mission secretary.

Pizza for dinner.

Elder Blay joins Elder Hannemann and Elder Stulce as an Assistant.

Carbo Loading.

And off they go to their first area.

A few hours later, our returning missionaries arrived.

Elder Kenya joined us from one of the missions in South Africa seven months ago when his visa expired.

Here is what the sisters looked like on their first day of mission.  All "growed up" now.

Making lunches for the temple trip on Thursday.


Theresa added a couple of chucks of goat meet to my fufu.



After... Sister Zaccheaus would be proud.

No appreciation for air conditioning.

Waiting for fufu and interviews.

Elder Azuma joined us in the temple.

On Saturday, we held leadership training in Takoradi for the four mission branches in the Western Region.  Elder and Sister Stutz came from Accra and taught a portion of the training on Family History.   

Traffic was terrible on the way home.

Three hours to get home from Takoradi.  Unacceptable.

We enjoyed the opportunity to talk with our missionary son on Mother's Day.  He is currently serving in a small town in Kentucky and loving it.

Sister Stevenson got a new "do" while we were in Accra.

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