Sunday, May 8, 2016

No Food for Lazy Man!

We were sitting on the stand in the Yamoransa 1st Ward today and this little girl came running up to Sister Stevenson for a hug.  She wasn't as smiley after the meeting, but still very cute.  I've never met a kid that didn't love Sister Stevenson on sight.

We finished up the last of the missionary interviews this week -- mostly close to home.  

Sister Bolarinwa was one of the missionaries that came for interviews this week.  Her father is an artist and came to Ghana from Nigeria last week on a business trip.  He stopped in at the mission home to say hello and to show us some of his work.

When I interviewed Sister Bolawinra, I wore the apron I bought from her father.  It says, "No food for lazy man."

Sister Namutebi brought us a Ugandan stew that we ate with a fried flatbread called Chapati.  Very nice.

What it feels like at the end of the interview cycle.

We also had Mission Leadership Council this week.

We used the time together to prepare for the zone conferences that will begin in a couple of weeks.  We also talked about improving missionary punctuality, making baptismal services more spiritual, "Prophetic Priorities" and reviewed what we learned from the mission tour with Elder and Sister Vinson.  

Friday, it was time to Train the Trainers in preparation for transfers next week.  We only have three new missionaries coming this time -- all sisters.

The Trainers

The Assistants must be tired of rice and chicken because they arranged for us to have rice balls with groundnut soup and goat.  Tasty.

Friday was also the birthday of Sister Stevenson and Sister Hanlon.  So, we celebrated together at the Coconut Grove for dinner.

We were a little creeped out by the committee of vultures (you could look it up) standing watch over us all through dinner.  

Luckily, we are still very much alive -- notwithstanding our advancing age.

Saturday was transfer news and travel planning.  This time they did a dessert buffet.  The food didn't last long enough to get many pictures.

On Sunday, the Yamoransa 1st Ward said goodbye to Elder Warner after almost nine months. He started there as a brand new missionary.  He says it was his best area so far.  

From Yamoransa, we went on to Abakrampa to deliver a mission call letter to Sister Felicia.  She will be the first missionary to serve from that branch.  The first of many.  

She wanted to open it with her family, so I don't know yet where she will be serving.  The branch presidency is very proud of her.  So are we.  

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