Sunday, March 5, 2017

Transfers is Hawd Wuk.

Elder Young joins Elder Warner as an Assistant to the President.

We welcomed eight new missionaries to Cape Coast this week.  This group comes from Sierra Leone, Utah, Botswana, Nigeria, Mozambique and the Philippines.  I always know we have a good group when they spend their free time singing hymns.

Getting everyone on the same page.


Last piece of toast buttered before heading out to his new assignment in Mando.

Got this.

Off they go.

March 2017 New Missionaries.

We welcome the new, then immediately have to say goodbye to our most experienced missionaries. We had five elders and two sisters complete their missions this week.

Elder Gasolo led the group in singing while we waited to begin the testimony meeting.

It's all hands on deck during transfer week.

On time for breakfast -- 6 a.m.

Leaving the Mission Home.

Sister Zadi's sister was at the temple and prepared some food for her from home.

Sister Newton met the missionary who taught her the Gospel in Liberia five years ago.

Well done!

As soon as we returned home from saying goodbye to our returning missionaries in Accra, we joined the Sister Missionaries from the new Abura Third Ward.  I interviewed one of their investigators for baptism and then Sister Stevenson worked with them for the rest of the evening.

One of the very cool things about teaching the Gospel outside in Ghana is that often there are others who listen in.  The missionaries were teaching a new member of the Church and as the lesson progressed, his partner in their little shop kept edging closer and closer to the conversation. By the end, he had joined them.  

They ended the night with a spiritual message at the home of a member family and had a nice visit with them.

Saturday and Sunday we were in Assin Foso for their stake conference.

Elder Ben Davis, of the Seventy, presided at the conference.

Our missionaries contributed significantly to the choir.  They sounded great.

We were able to meet several of the people the missionaries are teaching.

That was the week.


  1. President and Sister Stevenson, if you get this note could you please contact us by email, bjkjwade We have tried to call but have not been able to make a connection. We are interested in staying in the loop about Elder Wisdom Oforikumah's surgery. We became sort of his surrogate parents when we served in Ghana and have kept up with him. We send many prayers his way for tomorrow. Thank you, Barry & Kathryn Wade

  2. All I can say is to thank you Brother and Sister Stevenson for the great efforts in letting us see whats going on in that side of the world. I know my son Elder Fontaine Talamoni is having a hard time due to his foot problem but all I can do is pray for him and all of you out there. May our Lord continue to bless all of you out there in that part of the world. Love from American Samoa the Talamoni family.