Sunday, March 26, 2017

Brothers and Sisters

While we are all brothers and sisters as children of God, it is not often that you have literal brothers serving in the same mission at the same time, but we have been blessed with these brothers.  They have both been very faithful missionaries and are serving their last transfer as companions in Kissi.

They had several investigators with them in church today and are looking forward to a baptismal service next week.

While I was working on transfer assignments, Sister Stevenson went out with Sister Smart and Sister Domingo.

They met with some very nice people.

We also continued our interviews with the missionaries.

Abakrampa District

Elmina District

Cape Coast District (Elders)

Cape Coast District (Sisters)

Abakrampa again.

Yamoransa District

Nkanfoa District

Interviewing outside at Mankessim

Mankessim District

Bread Oven (and goats).

Inside this web, is a very happy spider.

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