Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hard Driving

We started the week visiting with the missionaries in Praso Zone.  On Tuesday, we were in Hemang in the morning and Praso in the afternoon.

The sun was hot!  Where is the rainy season?

Then on Wednesday, we were on the road to Dunkwa.

Since the road is getting better, they had to keep it interesting by adding a slalom course.

The trip to Dunkwa was six hours of driving to spend two hours with the missionaries.  It was fun and they are doing well.

Then on Thursday, we were in Assin Foso.

The trip home was very exciting.  A big rainstorm hit and the temperature dropped about 10 C in just a few minutes.  A small tree blew over blocking the road in front of us.  We sat in the car for a while wondering how this was going to work out, when a bus approached from the other side.

About ten guys piled out of the bus, one of them had a machete.  They whacked away at the tree for a few minutes and cleared the road in short order.  However, they got very wet doing it. We were grateful and when the bus had passed, we continued on our way.

On Friday, we had the follow-up training for the new missionaries and their companions.

These missionaries have been together for five weeks and are doing great!

This was General Conference weekend.  We were able to at least hear all of the sessions.  For most of it, we just gathered around the cell phone playing the KSL Radio website.  While I shook my fist at the internet router a few times, it was nice to be able to participate in a wonderful conference of the Church.

We were happy to hear about the new temple in Kenya.  There will be several of our missionaries jumping on the bed tonight.


  1. i am grate and proud of the work there in Ghana.the missionaries are looking good and health. thank you president and sister Stevenson for your wonderful work. i love you

  2. President Stevenson,
    This is Elder Baldwin's mom.....We are wondering about Elder Ndunduma's and how he is doing.....Are you still in contact with him? We keep him in our prayers. Thank you so much for all you did for our son while he served Cape Coast. We are eternally grateful to you.