Saturday, April 15, 2017

Last Week...

Internet problems prevented us from posting a blog for last week (April 3-9).  So, here is the catch up.

On Thursday last week, Sister Stevenson and I spent the day proselyting with some of the missionaries.  I was in Agona Abrem, where the Church has a fairly new group.  We taught some of the family members of this little girl as she was peeling cassava for dinner.

I was glad to be following the elders.  I don't know how they find their way around the villages.

There are some beautiful, green hills surrounding Agona Abrem.

It is always entertaining when an old white man comes to town.

We had a good day teaching.  I was glad that a few clouds rolled in and cut the sun.  That is a serious tender mercy.

Sister Stevenson also had a successful day in Abura.

In addition to meeting with investigators and visiting members of the Church, they also provided some unplanned service.

They went to visit a member of the ward who sells Sobolo and helped put together the next batch.

Sobolo is a Ghanaian drink made from bissap leaves, ginger, water and sugar.  Sister Stevenson likes it a lot.  I can only drink small amounts because there is usually a very strong ginger taste.

As I understand it, you cook the leaves and the ginger, strain it, cool it and add sugar.  Sister Stevenson says it is much more complicated than that, but since this is just a "catch up" blog, we will leave it at that.

They enjoyed helping out and even participated in quality control.

We had our monthly Mission Leadership Council meeting last week.  We discussed the following agenda items.:
  • Improving the transfer process.
  • Using the Book of Mormon more effectively in our teaching.
  • Returning speculative doctrinal questions back to a focus on revealed truth.
We always enjoy counseling together with these mission leaders.

We spent one day last week in Assin Foso meeting with the members of the Telecom Zone.

Akonfudi District

It was a long day for the Telecom District, so they brought lunch with them.

Transfers are next week, so we had 13 new trainers to train.

After we finished with the Trainers, we had date night dinner with the Durrants at a new hotel that has opened a few miles from the mission home.

It was nice.

Saturday, we attended a baptismal service for the Bakano Ward.

On Sunday, we drove out to Komenda to meet with the Group there.

They meet in a school for now, but we think we have a building lined up to rent and the group will be organized into a stand-alone branch soon.

The Primary Children.

It was a nice week.  We got our internet back after six days.  It is amazing how huddling around a cell phone feels so much like the stone age.  We were very happy to be back in business.

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