Sunday, April 16, 2017

This Week...

Our transfer week began early with two of our Polynesian returning missionaries coming in on Monday because it takes so long to get them home. It is a little sad that they don't get to have their final meal at the mission home with the rest of their group, but we tried to make it nice for them.

As it turned out, one of Elder Talamoni's flights was cancelled, so he was still in Accra when we got there on Thursday and was able to join us in the Temple.

Our thirteen new missionaries arrived from the MTC on Tuesday afternoon.


    This group includes five missionaries from Nigeria, four from Cote d' Ivorie, and one each from the Philippines, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Utah.  They are doing well.

On Wednesday, our returning missionaries came to the mission home.

The fufu was nice.

On time for breakfast -- 6 a.m.

Elder Hounkpe even had time to help butter all the toast.

We are saying goodbye to four Ghanaian missionaries this transfer.  In addition to being wonderful missionaries, they speak the tribal language.  This is a huge blessing in the smaller villages.

The group of twelve missionaries baptized 35 people in the last 10 weeks of their missions.  They finished strong.

Lunch at the temple annex.


The final goodbye before heading to the airport.

It is always nice when we see some of our former missionaries at the temple.

Elder Ukaegbu.

Sister Holm and Sister Ruskin.

We have been watching the construction of this huge, beautiful mosque since we arrived in Ghana.  It is on the way to the temple.  They are almost done.

When we arrived home from Accra on Friday, we partied with the other Senior Missionaries.

Saturday, we began the missionary interviews in Mankessim:

On Sunday we walked down the street and attended Easter Sacrament Meeting with the Nkanfoa Ward.  

And finally, we wish a huge happy 21st birthday to our son, Elder Evans Stevenson, who serves in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission.

If I were to take off my Mission President hat, and replace it with my Missionary Father hat, I could tell you how many days he has left until he completes his mission and joins us here in Ghana -- but I won't.  He is finishing very strong.

Happy Easter.

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