Sunday, June 4, 2017

Elder Stevenson is Home!

We woke up Friday morning very excited to find that our son, Elder Evans Stevenson was flying over Western Africa only two hours away from us.

We made our way to the airport and waited "patiently" for his arrival.  

Of course, he was one of the last people off the plane, but eventually we caught a glimpse of him.

Sister Stevenson stormed the barricade to greet him. 

I was very excited too.  I had been authorized to release him as a full-time missionary.  It was a joy to meet with him privately and talk about what he had experienced.  He served faithfully and finished strong.  I am very proud of him.

To show Evans that presentation is important in Ghana, we pointed out a peanut vendor.  They must spend hours stacking the peanuts.  She saw our interest and ran after the car without spilling a nut.  We felt obligated to buy some peanuts after all that effort and she let us take her picture.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant buffet that evening and had our first prime rib since leaving the United States.  This is Sister Stevenson's plate.  Only one of the five basic food groups was represented that night.

On Saturday, we attended a session at the Accra Ghana Temple.  This was our first time in the temple with Evans since he received the Endowment while we were already in Africa.  It was very awesome.

Finally, it was time to head for Cape Coast.

On the way home, we stopped at the West Hills Mall and bought Evans some casual clothes and "the best chicken sandwich in the world."

When we arrived home, we were happy to see that our Assistants had prepared their own surprise welcome for Evans.


On Sunday morning we drove out to Achiasi in the Assin Foso Stake to attend Church and do an interview.  

We have a very nice building in this small community.  A ward and a branch meet here.

The Achiasi Elders and their investigator who was baptized today.

We had a great week.  Now we will start zone conferences and get ready for another transfer in 10 days.  


  1. How wonderful to have your son back! Mom looks overjoyed!

  2. My son just received his mission call to Cape Coast and will arrive on September 7! We are sorry to miss you as his President (I have heard many good things) but he is so excited and these photos are the icing on the cake!