Sunday, June 18, 2017

You Came to Africa?

The Day After Transfers.

Another transfer has come and gone.  We had 22 missionaries complete their assignments and 14 arrived from the MTC.

These missionaries come from Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, the United States and Zimbabwe.

Dinner preparation, picnic style.

Rice Jollof, chicken and salad.  Ice cream and cookies later.

Final instructions before announcing the area assignments.

"You will be serving here."

Load up!

And so it begins.

Now it was time to prepare for the departing missionaries.

We're going to need a bigger boat.

Actual baptisms and weekly average key indicators for the last 12 weeks of their missions compared to their Finish Strong goals.  They did well.

Elder Plumb had a surprise.

You came to Africa???!!!

This better not keep me out of heaven.  When Elder Plumb began asking why all of his TCs had their travel itineraries and he didn't, we stretched the truth a bit by saying that his father had called and wanted him to stay completely focused on his mission and asked us not to give him his travel details. Elder Plumb said, "That sounds like my father."  So the surprise was complete.

Travel instructions.

On time for breakfast.

Also, on time for breakfast.

Our lone departing Sister.  The same thing will happen next transfer, with about 20 elders going home and one sister.

The Heleman District form the MTC.

Zimbabwe Brothers.

Time to go.

And they are gone.

Well done!

After the missionaries left, Evans went out proselyting with the Nkanfoa elders.

They were able to teach three lessons and also set up an appointment.  He also got to sample the fried dough.

Earlier in the week on Preparation Day, we had visitors at the mission home.

Some of the Elders wanted to try their hand at solo Fufu.

I understand there was a problem with the plantain, so it ended up being mashed cassava.  That sounds delicious to me.  I'm told the soup and the chicken was perfect.

And the Sisters brought in lunch for Sister Stevenson.

Father's Day at the Ola University Ward:


The Ola Sistas.

Primary Children singing for the fathers.

They sounded great!

The Relief Society brought cake!

Everything is a ceremony here.

Finally, the cake was cut and divided among the dads.

With the Bishop.

Sister Stevenson is making spaghetti for dinner tonight, so Evans and I are excited. 

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