Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Road Trip

Evans is doing pretty well adjusting to the Tropics.

Sister Stevenson and Evans spent some time on Monday with the Assistants at the market.

Shopping for a fufu pounder.

Just looking.

We held zone conferences Tuesday through Friday.  We were in Assin Foso on Tuesday.

It rained.

The Zone Leaders instructed on a topic of their choice -- The Doctrine of Christ.

This is how we did it in Tennessee.

Sister Love.

The Assin Foso Zone.

Wednesday in Takoradi.

Working with Members.

More Sister Love.

Practicing helping the members share the Gospel.

The Takoradi Zone.

Thursday in Mpintsin Zone.

Helping those we contact become progressing investigators and converted to the Savior.

I didn't realize that many of our missionary companions give a shout before they leave the apartment in the morning.  They join hands and as they raise their hands shout, "The Heart and a Willing Mind!" (D&C 64:34). We have taught them that the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind, but they came up with this on their own.  One nice thing about having Evans with us is that he is sharing some of the culture of his mission with our missionaries, and our missionaries are sharing ours with him. 

The Mpintsin Zone.

Then, on Friday we were with the Tarkwa Zone.

These zone leaders taught Our Purpose as Missionaries.

The Tarkwa Zone.

I had to be in Axim on Sunday and the mission home is undergoing some repairs, so we hung out on Saturday at Busua Beach and introduced Evans to lobster pizza.

He liked it!

Sunday at Axim Branch.


Elder Owens using his head.

And finally,

More sister love from Mankessim.


  1. The most beautiful pictures!! Thankyou for sharing! Marion you are so beautiful inside and out! That place is going to miss you two so much. I'm glad you get this time with Evans there with you ❤️

    1. This all made me cry with every emotion for you

  2. Thanks for Sharing President and Sister Stevenson. Is good to know everyone is doing great. And we are all counting down..........hahaha. Am sure you are going to missed Ghana. Wait did I hear you are extending your mission..hahaha just joking.

  3. I love you President! Funny picture of you getting rained on:)

  4. We are really going to miss your updates. My son loves you both. We love hearing from you. And hope the new president will continue in your foot steps. Thanks for your willingness to serve and love our son.

  5. President, thank you for being at the helm of the Cape Coast Mission. I hope you write a farewell post.

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